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The Casket Buddy

The Casket Buddy was designed as an inexpensive way to load and unload caskets from a coach to a church truck or casket bier.  It is a very stable roller stand that can support caskets up to 1,000 pounds and can transfer caskets easily with height variations to 6 inches.  The legs are adjustable and the stand has a minimum load height of 22" and a raised height of 31."

The Casket Buddy is easy to use.  Set the height of the roller stand at 2 to 3 inches higher than the casket that is being lifted.  Tilt the roller platform so that the roller fits under the casket.  The Casket Buddy has wheels that when tilted allow it to roll effortlessly.  When in position, pressing down on the opposite end of the platform raises the casket off one end of the cart.  By pushing on the opposite end of the casket, the casket moves up and on the rollers while the cart goes under the stand. The stand has 31" of clearance between its legs to accommodate most carts and biers.

Download the Casket Buddy brochure (PDF).


" I have used the Casket Buddy and I have been impressed for sure. Thanks again."

-- Janice McKenna McKenna
Funeral Home Northwest Territory, Canada